Our spectrometers facilitate measurements in the ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared wavelengths – ranging from chemical composition and quantification to color measurement and radiometry.
We not only offer a comprehensive range of spectroscopy products, including spectrometers, light sources, software and accessories, but we can also design and manufacture custom solutions for OEM applications.
Applications include:

  • Visible spectrum/ color monitoring
  • UV, Visible, NIR (Near Infrared)
  • Biophotonics
  • Transmission
  • Laser / light source monitoring
  • Absorption
  • Fluorescence
  • Molar concentration
  • Optical inspection
  • Chemical analysis
  • Reflection
  • Scattering

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Common Specifications                                                                                                      Wavelength Range (nm) 350-2500                                                                                             Interface USB 2.0                                                                                                                          Power Requirements 10-14 VDC, 300-1200 mA @12VDC                                                  Weight (g) 1100 for SPM-001 (N-M)  (g) 1400 for SPM-001 NIR 1700S / 2500W

1. Slit sizes of 10,25,50 and 100um are available                                                                             2. SMA or FC fiber input available on all models                                                                           3. Custom spectrometer wavelength ranges and slit sizes are available upon request.


*30C° maximum to maintain minimum detector temperature.


SPM – 002 Compact Spectrometer

Common Specifications                                                                                                            Wavelength Range (nm) 190-1700                                                                                       Dimensions (mm) 101.5 x 90 x 54.3                                                                                      Interface USB 2.0                                                                                                                           Weight (g) 500                                                                                                                                 Fiber Input SMA                                                                                                                            Power Requirments 10-14 VDC, 300mA @ 12VDC and / or USB Powered
1. Slit sizes of 10,25,50 and 100um are available                                                                             2. SMA or FC fiber input available on all models


* measured with 10 um slit for SPM-002-X/XH/XT64


SPM-002-X-Rad Spectroradiometer System

Common Specifications                                                                                                       Wavelength Range (nm) 220-1050                                                                                      Dimensions (mm) 101.5 x 90 x 54.3                                                                                             Interface USB 2.0                                                                                                                               Weight (g) 2268                                                                                                                                Input T-1 3/4 * *Other adapters are possible up to a 7mm diameter.                              Power Requirments 10-14 VDC, 300mA @ 12VDC and / or USB Powered
1. Slit size of 100um

SPM-002-X-Rad Spectroradiometer System


Light Source


Spectrometer Accessories

Spectroscopy Patch Cords and Sampling Accessories
Photos Reflectance Probes, Cuvette Holder, Breakout Board, etc


Download Spectrometer & Accessories Selection Guide

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